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  • Ash Wright

    Ash Wright

    Incoherent frackle sans puppeteer...

  • Jeff Harris

    Jeff Harris

    questing for thoughtfulness about people, technology, and inner work. PM @pinterest (was @google , @nextdoor ). canadian in body, californian in soul.

  • Hayley Salyer

    Hayley Salyer

    creative marketer + artist.

  • Aleksandr Gamburg

    Aleksandr Gamburg

  • Talal Mansoor

    Talal Mansoor

  • Christopher Hendrix

    Christopher Hendrix

    A materials scientist by training, a software engineer by trade, and a creative by passion.

  • Morgan Broacha

    Morgan Broacha

    Masters of Human Computer Interaction student at Carnegie Mellon University. Technologist. Designer. Cowboy.

  • Anna Fedorova

    Anna Fedorova

    Explorer. Creator. Connector. Curator of Frontiers.

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